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tv   Doc Film - Whistleblower - Alone against the System  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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still when it's all right i'm not the man i always believe to return fire munich into an international brand new. blood family. an international brand. a shared passion. an exclusive journey into the sun by. the sun media phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w and on mine. when it's me i get hold of them all by so they followed me on the way to work i tried to avoid taking the same route twice. come
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off of going to police unit without coming right or real at a total loss of. interest i was just a citizen like any citizen of earth. one of your closest friends is the one who wants to see you behind bars who's going to . feel really weird that somehow that could be at risk because i knew going that i was in the middle of something dirty. it's a weird charge and they want to make an example of whistleblowers show how they're condemned to financial and social dance that.
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we are all part of a system we seek security recognition and a sense of belonging in society. but what happens when we find ourselves on a course that no longer feels right and we experience a crisis of conscience. prosecutor
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has all the information but he's taken no action. after the documents were published on wiki the case made headlines around the world . and it wiki leaks gave me a certain amount of credibility. by contrast in switzerland the papers were claiming i was mentally ill but i wanted revenge. but wiki leaks gave me some real credibility by publishing this information. for more than a decade who waged a running battle with the most secretive banking system in the world elmer worked as an auditor for the swiss based private bank. first in switzerland then in the
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cayman islands a well known tax haven it was there that he realized that he was heavily involved in wide scale tax evasion and money laundering schemes. i was a compliance officer the company's legal conscience and my analysis of financial data showed that some were engaged in criminal activity because. the social damage that this caused it didn't affect just a couple of people but the whole of society. that includes my daughter's generation . and i thought it was important to show some courage. and take a stand on this. elmer first went to company managers to voice his concerns and there he was met with hostility he was put under pressure and threatened in the end he was fired.
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they said that if i took them to cole that ruined my life. and that was too much for me. and that's when he found himself doing what he never thought he'd do he broke the rules of banking propriety he wrote to clients and published confidential company information it was a counterattack against his former employer. they hired private detectives to try los in fact they stalled and that's when it became clear to me that the situation was getting dangerous. thing is that you put the finger of something that. you. care. everything. against.
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stephanie worked in the marketing department of the french subsidiary of the swiss financial services company u.b.s. in two thousand and eight she heard reports that u.b.s. had been engaged in money laundering and helping clients to avoid paying taxes. shocked until then she'd had complete faith in her employer. it's a question of a question of risk a question of what i was guilty or not guilty of are you give him something if you belong to something that you don't know what the main purpose of the main goal is i didn't know that. the offshore business what the core business of the bank.
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my job at u.b.s. . was responsible for. communication where most of my time was to organize the ip i mean top notch events. she organized events for some of the wealthiest people in france but they were business opportunities not social events. after the u.b.s. allegations became public management asked sheeple to erase the data in her client base. her employer put her under pressure but she refused it changed her view of her colleagues in the swiss headquarters. if i ever heard one joining the bank that working with those people who where selling products to french citizens under french. tertiary was i would never have done that i would never have
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accepted to do work for them so. it's a big lie so i had to digest that. first companies tend to have just one way of dealing with difficult employees isolate them. when you cannot go out. to be on fire when you can not communicate with people and you're miscommunication is just the way you can create you. which were so. interesting to me turned out to be. boring. experience alone you know thirty two. situation where you just get mad. and when i left the bank i was. terrible but i was i was not alive anymore it took me. almost two years and still now i'm still i'm not one hundred per cent you know because it's so much and
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proving all the time that what you. write that what you did with the right thing. this is spin and a lot of former police officer in the eastern german city of the south he was deputy head of a unit that specialized in tracking right wing extremists he soon learned that his superiors didn't want the unit to dig too deeply into some right wing crimes. you remember that we put a lot of time and effort into our investigations we went to skinhead concerts and right wing rallies it was called the monitoring program. but the closer we monitored these people the more we saw so the right wing crime stats went up. and the politicians evidently didn't want to hear about it. they said you don't have to go after everything you can turn down your
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investigations a little the right wing crime numbers are too high we need to keep the statistics level. and so we were supposed to see that they dropped but that meant no longer going to events like skinhead concerts and no longer investigating the crimes that were committed there before we were outraged as. the officers were commanded to turn a blind eye and a latin two of his colleagues decided to put this down on paper in an office protocol as a result they were seen as troublemakers and shunned by many of their colleagues eventually they were transferred out of the unit they had broken a cardinal rule of german police work they'd ignored the chain of command. but i loved our jobs then we found out what happens when the organization turns on you.
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if they wanted us to feel as uncomfortable as possible so that we'd resign as they wanted us to suffer to feel it financially to make sure our families suffer too from your the cautionary tale. much of society considers whistleblowers to be heroes but many prosecutors see them as criminals. at the paris office of the european commission there's an award ceremony for the european citizens prize it's given to people who reflect the principles of the e.u. use charter of fundamental rights stephany's debo is waiting for one of the winners french whistleblower and wonder. why i think. they would die. listen to this. song. with the song.
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that. i'm twenty two and helped expose one of europe's biggest tax cheating scandals called lux leaks while he was working as an auditor he discovered how the government of luxemburg helped multinational corporations avoid paying taxes he was prosecuted by luxembourg authorities and honored by the european commission. i am. one of antoine supporters. and i would always be. get surprised and at the same time can't decipher what he did so face is for. five years day. we have
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no other choice than being extremely close to each other because we all put the finger on the truth we are saying the truth we are not the bad ones were not the lies and. when the fact that they just turn into a father and i know that because i am a mother myself. the responsibility we have for the future generations. is information more important people. companies more important people where is democracy. to protect people like us. when this fictitious line especially interest. the countries don't have any more so. for that.
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of us working specialists in this area would not be enough you know it would have to be political. it would have to political chordate addiction not only of one or two international resolutions but in more general terms. bush. took to force the contras to recognize the importance of. orcs in the cases where this was. their economic political or whatever interest. in many cases whistleblowers have become public enemy. switzerland has strict bank secrecy laws and those who violate those laws are prosecuted. i spent a total of two hundred seventeen days in jail first in two thousand and five and then in twenty eleven. i was in solitary confinement the whole time you're stuck in
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yourself for twenty three hours a day. that was really hard on me. you find yourself wondering why you as a whistleblower was sent to jail. what i did i did in good faith and i had legitimate reasons for doing it. i didn't ask for any money even though i could have sold the information for four million dollars no problem. but i didn't want to do that that would have put me back into the same system that i was trying to get out of. my don't believe i deserve to go to jail.
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what politicians done about it. there's been plenty of debate and discussion. in europe the laws on the prosecution of whistleblowers differ from country to country. in germany for example the federal government tends to leave things to the corporations involved britain has a law that is considered a model by many. and in france politicians are debating whether whistleblowers should be protected by law. and talks and talks and somehow it can raise a little bit of questions for people who have absolutely no idea what whistle blowing as we just have been fighting for several years in france.
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pass where we. that. where attending where whistleblowers all suffer they all suffered critical situation financial. medical professional i mean. whatever we all suffer and struggle. i'm not sure they actually heard. really news concrete news for their personal hopes but they certainly heard that there is a text of the council of europe so our european text which is the basis for. for late for national legislations to. address this issue and
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gives and gives directions to the net and national legislators as to how. to address the issue of whistleblowers. and tried to clean it the decision to check into the clinic was a real low point for me help me i came to realize that i was completely overwhelmed . i mean. i know this is the only. when people live and work within a particular system sometimes they get to the point where they feel that they no longer fit in so they decide to get out. and that puts them in a very isolated position. they feel alienated and
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they begin to wonder whether they have done the right thing. if you. get out of the system that had been part of their identity they've taken a moral stand against that system and that can cause severe stress in. the third place. and a lot of quit his secure position as a police officer it's often tough for whistleblowers to find a new job but any last did manage still things didn't turn out the way he expected . i sometimes price blew the whistle again the consequences were just as bad as before maybe worse because i knew what was going to happen. he took a job as a minister poll administrator in
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a town near berlin he discovered financial irregularities at a local daycare center and allowed to inform the mayor who chose to ignore it for a long time yet again it wasn't the alleged offenders who were fired it was the person who blew the whistle. at. this time i could have faced criminal charges if i hadn't spoken up. due to one of them i was responsible for the draft invoices. so technically i could have been accused of breach of trust. that's worth more because we have a constitution in this country and a system of laws and we should obey them otherwise none of that is worth the paper it's printed on.
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stand any light went to a labor court in berlin to contest his dismissal but there was an obstacle it turns out he'd signed a document that said his contract could be terminated he'd been under duress and not fully aware of what he was signing at the time. but the court ruled that his dismissal was justified. this often happens to whistleblowers even though the european court of human rights has strengthened their legal standing. which after you can't go through this all by yourself you make the decision yourself but then you need support. and. also got to justify why you did what you did to your children. would i rather
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tell them that i just went along with things even though i knew that they were wrong or do i want to stand up and say no this is wrong and i'm going to speak out . meanwhile in switzerland. elma's travels continued he kept a killing court decisions that went against him and he had some success to model he trying to shield his daughter from what was happening. at the new get off. but i never have imagined that all this would have such a negative effect on my daughter at that because if i had known i wouldn't have done it the impact on mark family has been huge for me and i feel really guilty about that i really do. through because he controlled a couple talk of. stephanie zebo one to court cases against her former
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employers now she's keeping track of the french government's investigation of u.b.s. for allegedly abetting tax evasion she says her experience as a whistleblower has changed her life i would difference it is and this is very strange to say because i'm a mother i'm a woman i live in paris but this is what this is or was invisible is very complicated for people to understand. even if i am free to somehow travel or. wherever i want to the prison i face is that i could not. this. after giving the bank because my name was linked to the case. nor will the hold off elmer ever work at a bank again stan any lot has managed to find
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a new job you know a local youth welfare office none of their former employers were willing to discuss the cases on camera. most whistle blowers don't do what they do for their own benefit. they do it for the benefit of society they do it for the greater good. and ask for what i have no regrets it all comes down to the moment you make a decision after that you're just swept along by what happens it's like you're driven. we all benefit from this financial and economic system a lot of us simply don't want to know too much about what goes on behind the scenes
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i think of including. you mind if i mean as far as my family is concerned i made the wrong decision or i should have done it anonymously but that's not the right thing to do either because you need people to take a stand to put a face to the coals otherwise it just won't work because. there's no. managers to not go to day nothing to change you know the banks pay huge fines. and so watch the language of a bank with the money. this is. the fees. i don't think the blowers have had any impact on morality in the financial system the system is much stronger than they are.
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trying to make all of you understand that to me even a big lie. is worth whatever the price of.
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democracy day. a reporter has been in solitary confinement. with no charges filed. has become a symbol of press freedom under fire but the turkish president he's
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a political bargaining chip. how his friends and family are trying to secure his release. germany decides the german action will have special coverage. all the numbers as they come in followed by analysis who will do when to speak to the losers and why is it so important i staggered germany decides a german election september twenty fourth starting at fifteen hundred u.t.c. right here on the dole. yeah i do my story and i think one day this war will be considered cruel and unjust war but if you also should and certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child if she not only friend their homeland is the enemy invades. no one wants
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russia here don't need to know which is the. rebel against the mighty global news that matters. d.w. made for minds of white family. from a jedi somebody one of. the best in the world an international brand. a shared passion. f.c. byron munich to truly understand all these three words. to me as some young. men yet some you can see kind of you can't touch us refining them by. an exclusive journey into the sun of my own munich. yes i mean it's a kind of culture to walk we are who we are not suppose for what we are we're
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family unbelievable. to me a son me a phenomenon starting october fifteenth on d w. this is d w news live from berlin and it is the final day of campaigning for him he lets in that could change germany's political landscape chancellor angela merkel has been on a last minute push for votes she said.


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